Manufacturers We Represent

Windy City Representatives offers competitive pricing on a wide variety of world class commercial HVAC products. Finding the right unit for the right project is always our goal.


Air Flow Measuring SystemAccutrolParagon Controls
Air Handling UnitsAAON, AirFixture, TMI, York
Air Rotation UnitsAbsolutAire, Johnson Air Rotation
BoilersCleaver Brooks
Chiller PlantsAAONSysteconTMI
Chilled BeamsDadanco
ChillersAAONGeoclimaJetson, SysteconTMI, York/Quantech
Classroom Unit VentilatorsJCUV by Magic Aire
CoilsAAONCoilmasterCooney Coil, Direct CoilYork
Computer Room UnitsCompu-Aire
Condensing UnitsAAONJetson, York/Quantech
Cooling TowersMarley-SPX Cooling Technologies
Critical Lab Control/Air ValvesAccutrol
Custom Air Handling UnitAAONMiller-Picking/York, PACE/York, TMI, Xnrgy
Data Center SolutionsExcool
DehumidificationAAONClimate by Design, Dectron
Energy Recovery WheelsThermoTech
Fan Coil UnitsAAONAE-AirSigma, York
Fluid Coolers, Dry Coolers, RadiatorsDirect Coil
Heat PipesHeat Pipe Technology, York
Heat Pumps (Water Source)AAONAE-Air, Nyle, Sigma
Hot Water Heaters (Commercial, Tankless)Intellihot
Induction UnitDadanco
Magnetic Water FiltrationAdey
Makeup Air UnitAAONAbsolutAire, York
​Multifamily Air ConditioningDettson
​Operating Room Ceiling SystemsSLD
Pool UnitsAAONDectron
Pumps/Pumping SystemsGrundfos
Radiant Cooling and HealingBarcol-AirSigma
Rooftop UnitAAONDectronYork
Specialty Air Cleaning/Odor ControlBioclimatic, Greentech
Specialty Air Cooled/Water Cooled Modular ChillersGeoclima, Jetson
Underfloor Air DistributionAirFixture
Unit and Cabinet Heaters, Finned TubeSigma
Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning Systems & Ductless​​Samsung, ​York
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