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How Does a Variable Refrigerant Flow System Work?

March 18, 2022
If you work with commercial HVAC systems frequently, chances are you’ve heard of variable refrigerant flow, or VRF, systems. However, you might not know just how this technology works—or the benefits it offers in commercial and institutional settings.  ​In a nutshell, a VRF system is a ductless HVAC system which uses either a heat pump […]
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When Do Commercial Firetube Boilers Make Sense for Facilities?

March 11, 2022
Commercial firetube boilers are just one option for facility managers who are looking for efficient processing and heat servicing through hydronic and steam systems. Trying to select the best models for a given application is contingent on several factors, including space available, the type of water/steam required, efficiency requirements, and maintenance needs. Below, we’ve gone […]
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Which Air Cleaning Method is Right for Your Building or Commercial Space?

February 26, 2022
Keeping people safe in both their workplaces and their homes relies heavily on preventing airborne transmission and inhalation of particulates that can cause disease or cancer or irritate sensitive linings and parts of the body. As tested by the Environmental Protection Administration, there are several different air cleaning methods available for commercial HVAC systems. Choosing […]
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The Role of Energy Recovery Wheels in HVAC

February 18, 2022
Energy Recovery Wheels: Design Basics ​An energy recovery wheel is a relatively simple object compared to the complex machinery found throughout an HVAC system. It is, as the name suggests, a wheel or disc that is filled with aluminum (or another metal with a high heat transfer coefficient), synthetic polymer, or some other plastic that […]
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Understanding Firetube vs. Watertube Boilers

February 14, 2022
There are many different designs of boilers, as they have been used in commercial settings for more than two centuries. However, for many HVAC systems, a critical distinction is firetube vs. watertube boilers. Each has their place; in fact, a project may require one of each type, or a series of boilers, to provide the hydronic or […]
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