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Comparing Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Units

October 15, 2021
Packaged terminal HVAC units are the first choice for hospitality, senior living, and other facilities where many similarly-sized rooms must be heated and cooled to different levels. These units are inexpensive, easy to install without major renovations, and can be replaced one by one if an issue arises. However, commercial property owners can experience outsized […]
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Understanding Radiant Distribution Systems for Cooling and Heating

October 8, 2021
Although radiant distribution technology for heating and cooling has existed for more than a century, many people still don't understand how and when it should be used. Misconceptions around its effectiveness, how it works in different climates, and benefits are all reasons for this confusion. ​ However, appropriately designed, a radiant heating system can be used […]
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Meeting CMS Requirements for Operating Room HVAC

October 1, 2021
There are a number of considerations when it comes to ventilating and air conditioning needs for hospitals. Different sections must not just meet building codes, but also government requirements. And at a time when COVID-19 has put a strain on staffing and infrastructure alike, it has become more crucial than ever to ensure that upgrades […]
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Choosing Data Center Cooling Systems

September 24, 2021
​Keeping IT equipment cool can be an expensive, energy-heavy endeavor. When it comes to data center cooling systems, one of the main challenges is to optimize power consumption while minimizing the risks of overheating the servers. Standard air conditioning systems can account for up to 40 percent of a data center’s overall power consumption. The ASHRAE Technical Committee recommends keeping […]
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Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps as a Hospitality HVAC Solution

September 17, 2021
The average US hotel spends up to $2,196 per room in energy costs each year. A sizable bit of that bill goes to keeping HVAC systems running. Because hotel occupancy rates can be difficult to forecast, HVAC services must run even in empty rooms, and that alone adds up quickly.  ​Luckily, recent advances in HVAC technology make […]
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